Sunday, July 22, 2007

1PM - Camped in the City of Douglas again.
MsTioga and The Team have returned to the wonderful City of Douglas. We will make Camp here until tomorrow morning, and then go to Casper.

You may remember that Mr. Dometic has a service appointment in the City of Casper to have his cooling unit repaired.

11PM - The hot weather.
On Saturday when I was exploring Scottsbluff National Monument, it was not a real good time. It should have been a fantastic time, however. The problem is the hot weather.

When I was walking down the path from the bluff's top to the visitor's center, I felt that this was a risky thing to do. It was only a 1.6 mile downhill walk, but the temperature made it risky. Even the water in the bottle that I carried, got real hot. The temperature under the Sun that afternoon was very high!

During the afternoon today here in the Town of Douglas, I spent most of my time outside in the campground. MsTioga needs washing. When the temperature under the Sun is over 100°F, I don't feel like doing anything but sit around.

The temperature inside MsTioga now at 11PM is down to 80°F. Not bad for sleeping. The wind was dead calm all evening. However, now a very gentle breeze has begun, and that is a wonderful blessing.


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