Tuesday, July 31, 2007

1PM - Day Camped along the Middle Popo Agie River.
We have come into the City of Lander, Wyoming to stock up on supplies. We are low on fresh vegetables and propane. Reader Nick mentioned seeing the Sinks near Lander. So, after shopping, we headed for Sinks Canyon!

MsTioga came to an access point to the Middle Popo Agie River. We saw a parking area, and decided to make a Day Camp here. As soon as MsTioga's engine had stopped, the sound of the river could be heard. A lovely sound.

Little Mavicito hopped out and ran to find the river, which was back in the trees. More like a creek than a river, we found a delightful little stream making a wonderful sound as it tumbled over rocks.
Middle Popo Agie River.

MsTioga's Camp is to the east of a string of hills. The air today is sort of hazy. The sky is greyish. More so than the pic below shows.
MsTioga's Camp along the Middle Popo Agie River.

7PM - Camped in the Shoshone National Forest.
While we were Camped at Middle Popo Agie River, we spoke with a Wyoming Forest lady who told of her camp up in the Shoshone Forest. She said that moose came by her campsite. Wow!

So we headed up into the mountains for Shoshone Forest. We have made our Camp near Frye Lake. There is plenty of grass and a little creek close by. We are so much hoping to see a moose person!

In the pic below, Frye Lake is very low at this time and cannot be seen.

MsTioga and The Team at Frye Lake in Shoshone National Forest.


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