Friday, July 13, 2007

2AM - Mr. Dometic is having big problems.
We have been monitoring Mr. Dometic, our hard working refrigerator lately. Sometimes Mr. Dometic cools fine, and sometimes he just stops. Yesterday, Mr. Dometic stopped. Thruout the nite we have looking at his temperature, which is now at 48°F.

Mr. Dometic has a 3 plus 3 full service contract with the Dometic Corporation. There are factory authorized service centers in the City of Casper, Wyoming. If Mr. Dometic doesn't show signs of being able to cool himself very soon, we will be returning to Casper.

7AM - Mr. Dometic still at 48°F.
First thing upon waking up, we all rushed over to see how Mr. Dometic is doing. Oh my! He is still at 48°F!

We are going back to Casper to get Mr. Dometic some help!
Poor Mr. Dometic!

8:30AM - RecVee Service.
Mr. Dometic went to RecVee Service, the authorized Dometic dealer in the City of Casper, Wyoming. Lou is the owner, and he checked out Mr. Dometic.

Turns out that Mr. Dometic has some blockage in his pipes! Not completely blocked however, because the refrigerator section is holding at 48°F. That temperature is at the top of the where food should be held.

A new cooling unit was ordered from the La Grange, Indiana Dometic plant. The shipment is expected late next week.

10:30AM - Morning Camped at Long Park.
We have made a Morning Camp in the City of Evansville, east of Casper, Wyoming. We will have breakfast at this park.

Mr. Dometic is feeling bad, because he takes a lot of pride in doing a good job for MsTioga and The Team. But we are all happy that Mr. Dometic is able to keep a 48°F temperature.
Camped at Long Park.

5PM - Being cool in Casper.
We had a big Team Meeting to decide what to do. Little Mavicito suggested that we go off and explore the area around Casper. MsTioga suggested that we wait a bit to see what Mr. Dometic was going to do.

We really are dependent on a working Mr. Dometic! So, we all decided to stick around Casper for awhile, and search for local adventure!

We picked up a little map titled for "Exploring the Town and All Around." Tomorrow that is what we will do!


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