Saturday, July 07, 2007

4AM - Working on the 2003 images.
Ms. GQ and George were up really early working at republishing the 2003 images that were deleted by Blogger [back in late 2006]. It is slow going. By 6AM, we had republished six days, and we were working really hard too! We are up to December 15, 2003.

While we are republishing the 2003 images, we also updated the pages with "Today" and
"Tomorrow" buttons. Also, we put map links at the footer of each day's post showing our Nite Camp location. We are busy bees!

8:30AM - Filling up MsTioga's fresh water tank.
We on The Team have to be innovative in order to obtain fresh water. Sometimes fresh water is available, and the valve does not contain a hose bibb. We find such valves often in National Parks.

This morning we found a fresh water source at a rest stop along Interstate #80. This water valve does not have a fitting for attaching a hose. In the pic below, George is at the water valve and holding the adapter which allows us to connect to the valve. Clicking on the link below, will take you to a MsTioga Magazine story about this water valve adapter.

George using adapter to attach hose to valve.

9:30AM - Fort Fred Steele State Historic Site.
Very close to the rest stop, is the site of the old Fort Fred Steele. We have made a Day Camp at the fort in order to explore.

There are many exhibits here at Fort Steele. After the fort closed, a major sheep sheering plant was established on the property. Little Mavicito took a pic of one of the exhibits, because he thought that it would be of interest to RVers.

Did you know that Sheep Wagons were the predecessor to the RV?
Sheep wagons evolved into RVs!

MsTioga Camped at Fort Fred Steele.

The old fort is located on the north side of the railroad tracks. Little Mavicito was shocked at how little was left of the fort! Below is a graphic pic of what was there over a century ago.

And here is a pic of the fort today. Vandals burned down the barracks, and all that is left are two chimneys. What a shame!

A monument to Fort Fred Steele.

1PM - A road less traveled.
MsTioga and everybody on The Team wanted to make our Camp next to the North Platte River which flows by Fort Steele. However, there was no access to the river. We scouted all around the fort, and there was no access anywhere.

On our paper map, we saw a road that led north from the nearby Town of Sinclair. This road appeared to come right next to the North Platte River. As we drove up this road, we came to a sign board which described this road as, "Your Adventure Begins."

Wow! Isn't this the greatest thing?

Map of Adventure Road.

1:30PM - Camped on BLM property.
We have come to a place which is Bureau of Land Management property, and made our Camp along the North Fork Platte River. The water is very calm here.

Of course this is a free Camp.

MsTioga Camped next to North Platte River.

7:30PM - Pronghorn.
Little Mavicito and George went out for an evening walk. Little Mavicito was determined to capture a Pronghorn. There are sooooooo many Pronghorn around here. But the Pronghorn are so fast, that Little Mavicito could not get his lens open quick enough for a close up.
Pronghorn near our Camp.

While we were walking near the river, Little Mavicito captured the pano below of the river and pond near our Camp. Do you see MsTioga thru the trees?
MsTioga Camped along the North Platte River.


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