Tuesday, July 10, 2007

5:30AM - Roaming in Wyoming.
How did we find this wonderful place? Are we guided? Is this all an accident? Hmmmm? It may seem like blind luck, but we on The Team know better.

All that we may say is, "Thank God!"
George and MsTioga on a Wyoming morning.

7AM - Looking for our next Camp.
We had a Team Meeting, and it was decided that we would like to Camp out here on the Scenic By-Way Road again. For awhile, the dirt road ended and it was paved. Then the dirt road began once more. MsTioga likes dirt roads, because she travels slowly on them, and is able to see everything.

10:30AM- Dome Rock Reservoir.
We came to a place where there was a small side road leading to Dome Rock Reservoir. Here at this water, we suspect, many animal people will come to drink. MsTioga has positioned herself so that her rear window looks out over the water. A wonderful view of all that goes on here.
Do you see Dome Rock on the other side of the water?

3:30PM - Life around the pond.
There is a seagull that works a large part of the day to find food in the pond. Seagull flies around the pond, head bent down searching. Whatever seagull finds must be very small. The catch is taken to the shore, and always eaten in less than a minute. Then up over the pond seagull goes again.
Seagull looking for food.

4:30PM - View from the hill.
Little Mavicito likes to go on hikes, and he wanted to go up the hill which is across the dirt road. "Put on your hiking shoes George", said Little Mavicito.

This is desert country, and the plants on the hill are small. We step over them as we go. It is an easy hike to the top.
Little Mavicito's pano pic from the hill.


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