Wednesday, July 11, 2007

5:30AM - Things in the pond.
Something was swimming in the pond! They were small, maybe 10" long. Opening up MsTioga's door to take a pic of these things, made enough sound to disturb a great blue heron which took off silently. Its huge wings were at least 3 feet wide!

The things swimming in the pond could see us, and when Little Mavicito tried to capture them in a pic, they dove underwater. We wondered what these swimming things are? They seem too small to be a beaver. They swim like a beaver and would not surface as long as we stood in the doorway.
The pond at morning.

7AM - Leaving a special Camp.
As we were breaking our Camp at Dome Rock Pond, we knew that this place had touched us. We are going to miss all the creatures that live here.
View of the pond as we were leaving.

8AM - Scenic by-way.
Traveling and making our Camps along the Scenic By-Way is really wonderful. Wyoming is wonderful. Who would have known?

MsTioga travels slowly, as she always does on dirt roads. We see wild turkeys, pronghorns, rabbits and hawks.
Scenic By-Way.

9AM - Alcova reservoir High Camp.
It is getting to breakfast time, and we are looking out for a place to Camp. A road leads toward the Alcova reservoir, and we find our Camp high over the water.
MsTioga Camped above Alcova Reservoir.

1PM - The Team must go shopping.
We are out of many supplies. We need tons of food, fresh water and some other stuff. So, we are in the City of Casper.

Can you guess where we are shopping now? Hmmmmm? Little Mavicito has given you a hint pic below.
Where is MsTioga Afternoon Camped?

5PM - Camped in Downtown Casper, Wyoming.
Did you know that for more than a year after beginning to fulltime RV, I worried about finding a Nite Camp?! Then I promised myself to quit worrying, because a Nite Camp was always found. Now in my 5th year of being a Vagabonder Supreme, the Nite Camps just leap out at me! It's a good feeling to be wanted!

MsTioga filled up her fresh water tank, drinking water bottle, propane and gas tank. Mr. Dometic's fridge and freezer are completely stocked. We are ready to move westerly in the morning!
Tioga and George's Nite Camp in Casper, Wyoming.

9PM - Do blogs go on forever?
MsTioga and George were wondering this evening, if blogs go on forever? What if George has gone to the Great Beyond? Will the Tioga and George blog still be around forever? Hmmmmm?

Maybe that is the reason that Ms. GQ and George have been adding "Yesterday" and "Tomorrow" links to the older blog posts lately? And also publishing the calendar for old posts too. MsTioga thinks that this will make it easier for readers to look at the blog. It will be sort of like a book.

All of 2003 has "Yesterday" "Tomorrow" links now, and the calendar goes back to January 1st, 2006.

If you would like to read the 2003 posts now, clicking on the link below will take you to our very first blog post, OK?


Nite Camp Location

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  1. I worry that when, "George has gone to the Great Beyond," that the web host company for will not get paid anymore and will disable George's blog. I would pay myself to keep it going. It it was just on google blogger then it would have a chance to continue. What is to be done?