Tuesday, July 24, 2007

5AM - Going down the steep mountain.
Everybody on The Team was up early for our Team Meeting. The main topic was our concern for MsTioga going down steep Casper Mountain!

MsTioga had no problem going up the mountain. Her mighty engine pounding with unyielding power. MsTioga has the most powerful engine in the history of the World, as you know.

Going down is another thing, because brakes must be kept from heating up. All the way down, MsTioga stayed in 1st gear, and used her brakes to keep from going over 25 miles per hour. There was no problem, and the brakes did just fine!

6:30AM - Camped at Rec-Vee.
Mr. Dometic's service appointment is scheduled this morning at 8:30AM at Rec-Vee, in the City of Casper, Wyoming. We have made a Morning Camp in Rec-Vee's parking lot.
MsTioga at Rec-Vee for Mr. Dometic's service appointment.

1:30PM - Mr. Dometic's service.
Everybody is sooooo concerned about Mr. Dometic. He has been in service for more than four hours! Wow! There was trouble removing Mr. Dometic's cooling unit. It was stuck!

Finally the old cooling unit was removed, and the new unit installed. Mr. Dometic is in shock. He just stands there saying nothing. Oh my!
Mr. Dometic's dead cooling unit.

Mr. Dometic, in shock!

4PM - Will Mr. Dometic recover?
Mr. Dometic's mechanic told us that it would take about four hours for him to start to cool again. We went to a park here in Casper, Wyoming to wait. It was over four hours later, that Mr. Dometic began to awaken. "Where am I?" "Why am I so warm?", asked Mr. Dometic.

The thermometer in Mr. Dometic's freezer finally began to move. It is now down to 52°F. A lot cooler than the 80°F+ of a few hours ago.

But still, Mr. Dometic is not out of danger. His refrigerator is still warm. We will not know for some hours, what will be Mr. Dometic's fate.

PS: All of Mr. Dometic's food has been moved to the refrigerator in Rec-Vee's kitchen for safe keeping.

8PM - Mr. Dometic reports.
Hi everybody! This is Mr. Dometic typing at you. I am still pretty sick. Five hours after I began what they call a bench test, my freezer is down to only 32°F. Since the bench test is 12 hours long, I am hoping that my freezer will get down to about 20°F when the 12 hours have gone by.

The only things that I am keeping cold now, are some drinking water and juice, and they are in my freezer! My refrigerator is not cold enough yet. I am so very sorry about that. But what can I do?


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