Sunday, July 01, 2007

6:30AM - Camped on high hill in Cheyenne.
We have made our Morning Camp on a high hill, a bit east of the Cheyenne Airport. MsTioga got another washing on this hill!

The pic below looks out toward the northwest of Cheyenne.
Our Cheyenne Morning Camp.

11:30AM - Values and goals day.
As you may know, Sunday is my values and goals day. It is also my day for reflection. Today I was thinking about one line from a movie.

That movie is called, "The Verdict." In this movie, Paul Newman plays Frank Galvin, a down and out alcoholic and ambulance chasing attorney. The line in the movie that got me is,
"Act as if you had faith. Faith will be given to you."

Wow! The concept behind these words is soooooo powerful. This one idea, has changed my life. I wanted to be non-judgmental. I wanted to be uncritical of others. If I acted non-judgmental and acted uncritical, would it be as easy as that?

Click the link below to listen to Paul Newman play Frank Galvin:

3:30PM - Heading west out of Cheyenne.
Ms. GQ and George spent much of the day on the hill above Cheyenne working at debugging our calendar. It turned out that our code was fine, and the problem was that our browser was looking at saved pages [old data]! Wow!

We went to the WalMart, picked up some groceries and then took Happy Jack Road [SR210] west.

5:30PM - Medicine Bow National Forest.
As soon as we entered Medicine Bow National Forest, we found a dirt access road leading into the woods. This is the way we love National Forests to be!

MsTioga followed this road until we were far enough away from the highway. And here we made our Nite Camp!
MsTioga and The Team in Medicine Bow National Forest.


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