Monday, July 30, 2007

6:30AM - Rattlesnake Pass.
The Oregon Trail passes thru Rattlesnake Pass and descends into the place where now is located The Martin Handcart Visitor's Center. MsTioga drove up thru Rattlesnake Pass and continued on a short ways. Then turned around and headed back west.

George saw the wagon ruts first. Wow! Little Mavicito and George went out to take pics while standing on the Oregon Trail. You have to look real close to see the trail path ruts in this pic, but they are there!

Nearly every single pioneer who came west from 1841 to 1869 saw what you see in the pic below.
Heading into Rattlesnake Pass on the Oregon Trail.

7AM - The Fulkerson grave.
We believe that about one of every ten pioneers died along their journey. Fred Fulkerson was one of those who gave up his life on the trail west. Fred's grave is located inside Rattlesnake Pass.
Fred Fulkerson's grave.

Plaque over Fred's grave.

8AM - Hiking in to Devils Gate.
Many pioneers camped in the Devils Gate area, and many hiked in to take a look at this famous landmark. Pioneers saw the Gate for perhaps two or three days before actually arriving at this giant crack thru the rock mountain. The Sweetwater River created the Devils Gate over many thousands of years.

We followed a path from the Oregon Trail toward Devils Gate. Little Mavicito and George did not actually get into the Gate, because the trail looked too treacherous. But they got close.
Pic from our closest point to Devils Gate.

Pioneer names at Devils Gate.

11AM - Martin Hand Cart Visitor's Center.
We spent about an hour talking to one of the Elders of the Church of Latter Day Saints about the history of this wonderful place. Then we toured the history center, which tells the story of the travail of the pioneers.

It is not possible to describe to you the hardship of the people who traveled with their hand carts across the west to live in what is described as Zion and is now called Salt Lake City, Utah. However, we believe that the words of one of them, Francis Webster, convey the reality of the journey.
Francis Webster's words.

4PM - Camped at Sweetwater Crossing.
We have made our Nite Camp along Bison Basin Road near where the Sweetwater River crosses Hwy 287. The desert is very flat all around our Camp.

Our Tracfone has a 5-bar connection way out here in the desert. Mr. DeLorme offered that perhaps we have a cell connection because we are at a 6,700 foot elevation.

George & MsTioga at Sweetwater Crossing Camp.

5:30PM - Flying ants attack Mr. Datastorm!!
We were just about to prepare supper, and opened up MsTioga's rear roof vent. Wow! There were tons of ants clustered above the screen! We sprayed them with Formula 409 [it was the 1st thing that we grabbed] and then went up on MsTioga's roof.

Poor Mr. Datastorm was covered with these flying ants! Now we were using Baygon, an ant poison/spray that we bought in Mexico. For about 15 minutes, we fought the flying ants. Spraying and stomping.

We have moved our Camp about a mile away from that ant infested Camp.


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