Saturday, July 28, 2007

6AM - Having faith that Mr. Dometic will arrive today.
We have been promising you that Mr. Dometic's new fridge will arrive everyday since last Tuesday. And guess what?! We are promising you again that Mr. Dometic will arrive this morning.

We on The Team are resolute in our optimism. Why not? Doesn't cost a $penney$ more!
George & MsTioga waiting for the new Mr. Dometic.

9:30AM - The truck shows up!
Little Mavicito was sitting out in front of Rec-Vee, waiting for Mr. Dometic's delivery truck to show up. Suddenly, there it was, right in the driveway!
Mr. Dometic's delivery truck.

Everybody was soooooo excited to get our first look at Mr. Dometic. Finally, Mr.Dometic was sitting on the loading dock!
Mr. Dometic still in his crate.

12 Noon - On the road again!
It took a couple of hours to put our brand new Mr. Dometic into his place inside MsTioga. When Mr. Dometic was turned on, his propane flame came up with no problems. We loaded all of our food which was stored in Rec-Vee's refrigerator into Mr. Dometic. A couple bags of ice were included to jump-start the cooling process.

It would have been prudent to stick around for a day, to see if Mr. Dometic is working fine. However, we took a chance and headed west out of Casper.

Everybody on The Team feels that Mr. Dometic is going to be be the very best RV fridge in the history of the World!

George stands with Mr. Dometic.

1PM - Camped along the North Platte River.
There is no doubt that MsTioga and The Team are completely addicted to traveling. We love it soooooo much! We came to a river access point to the North Platte River, and made a Camp so that George could take a little nap.

About three hours later, that little nap finally ended. It was time for a lunch. We went to take a peek at how Mr. Dometic was doing, and were we surprised! Mr. Dometic's freezer is at 8°F and his refrigerator section is 35.1°F. Wow! That is so great! And that is only after four hours of operation.
Lunch is a Quesadilla, salad and yogurt dessert!

Senior Citizen Legislation.
I generally do not do political things on my blog. However, today I learned of a really sneaky change that the government has made concerning the Golden Age Passport.

This change concerns the Senior Pass. Apparently, concessionaires such as Xanterra, who administer places such as Yellowstone National Park were not happy giving free admission and 50% camping discounts to seniors. Somehow they engineered the new Senior Pass, which eliminates such discounts.

The Golden Age Passport will no longer be sold and was replaced by the Senior Pass in January, 2007. It is really astounding to me, that some of the benefits of the older Golden Age Passport are eliminated by the greed of those who sponsored the infamous and disgraceful Senior Pass.

I feel that this kind of nonsense should be given publicity, so that all will know what has happened. That is why I have made this post.

Note: Present holders of the older Golden Age Passport may continue to use it for the rest of their lives. From January, 2007, however, there will be two classes of senior citizens. Those with the old Golden Age Passport and those with the diminished Senior Pass.

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