Thursday, July 05, 2007

6AM - Heading west from Laramie.
This morning The Team decided to head west on Route #130, which is also known as Snowy Range Road. We like that name! On the way out of Laramie, we stopped at a Safeway Grocery to do some shopping.

7:30AM - Breakfast Camped at Kiwanis Park.
There are a ton of parks in the City of Laramie. Wow! We have made a Breakfast Camp in this gorgeous park located on the far west side of town. We will take our morning walk here. This park has sooooooo many trees!
George & MsTioga in Kiwanis Park.

11:30AM - Town of Centennial.
Just before MsTioga entered the Town of Centennial, Little Mavicito spotted the Snowy Range Mountains beyond. We stopped for a bit so that Little Mavicito could capture the pic below.
The Snowy Mountain Range and Town of Centennial.

12:15PM - Centennial View Camp.
Have you ever come upon a Camp, and been overwhelmed by its grandeur? That is what happened when we came to what we have named, "Centennial View Camp." We are able to see forever from this Camp!

The forest meadow surrounding MsTioga is filled with violet flowers. A gentle breeze blows. The temperature is only 82°F.

MsTioga at Centennial View.

2PM - The road into the forest.
Little Mavicito had been looking out of MsTioga's windows, and saw a road going into the forest. Being the impetuous camera that he is, Little Mavicito made a fuss until George agreed to go see this forest road.

Because the road went gently downhill, there was a suspicion that a creek may be somewhere ahead. And sure enough, we heard the sound of water falling. It was a tiny creek!
The tiny creek.

The forest road.

MsTioga waiting patiently for us to return.

5:15PM - A steady rain.
You may know that this part of Wyoming is desert country. Not too much rain falls here. Maybe around 17" of rain each year. So, the rain that MsTioga and The Team have encountered since we arrived in the State of Wyoming may be a little unusual. Especially for July.

Just a few minutes ago, rain began to fall at our Centennial View Camp. The sky got very dark. The rain fell steadily, sometimes pretty hard. For a minute or two, huge drops smacked into MsTioga's roof.
Dark stormy sky.

Giant sweeps of rain fell.

The flowers loved the rain.

8:30PM - We saw a bear!
This is our very first bear. It was standing two hundred yards away. Our bear has a light brown coat and dark face. It looked to be three feet high when standing on all four legs.

Little Mavicito tried to take a pic of our bear, but it was too blurry.


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