Wednesday, July 18, 2007

6AM - Mr. DeLorme wants to go to the river!
As you may know, our GPS system is Mr. DeLorme. We have found thru hard and sometimes bitter experience, that our Mr. DeLorme is a very imaginative fellow. He has dreamed up roads that do not exist. MsTioga has gotten into trouble trying to drive on these imagination roads.

Mr. DeLorme says that there is a road to the north that goes to the river, and that this road will take us down to the Town of Guernsey. So we took Mr. DeLorme's coordinates, and plugged them into Google Earth, and THIS is what Mr. DeLorme's road looks like. Hmmmm?

MsTioga is definitely NOT going on that road.

Note: In order to look at Mr. DeLorme's road you may have to download Google Earth.

9:30AM - Pony Express Station.
MsTioga has made her Camp near the Town of Guernsey, Wyoming, at the location of the Pony Express Station, 1860-61. Just down the road to the east is the historic Register Cliff.

After breakfast, Little Mavicito and George will walk over to go see Register Cliff.
Pony Express Station marker.

Our Camp at the Pony Express Station of 1860-61.

10:30AM - Mr. Dometic reports.
Our Mr. Dometic reports that he has been holding his temperature between 40-50°F. This temperature range is acceptable, but still too high . Mr. Dometic is scheduled back in the shop in City of Casper, on Tuesday, July 24th. At that time his cooling unit will be changed out.

Until then, we will be searching for adventure around this part of Wyoming.

12 Noon - Returned from Register Cliff.
For some reason, Register Cliff looks strangely familiar. Have we been here before? Nobody remembers. But still....

The names scratched into the cliffs here, bring a feeling of being close to the past. There are wheel ruts still existing left from the pioneer wagons as they slowly went west on the Oregon Trail.

1:30PM - It is warm inside MsTioga.
I used to get wiped out when it got warm. Somehow, I seem to have gotten used to the heat, and it does not bother me so much anymore.

However, I do find that when I am typing at Ms. GQ, sometimes I fall asleep with my fingers on the keys.
Is it 100°F?

4PM - Oregon Trail Ruts.
A couple of miles to the west, is a fantastic exhibit showing wheel ruts thru the rock made by wagon wheels. It is really something to stand in the trail where the pioneers, their horses, oxen and wagons went so long ago.

5:30PM - Camped on west side of Guernsey.
MsTioga and The Team have made our Nite Camp in a field, west of the Town of Guernsey. Close by, at the bottom of the hill that we are on, flows the North Platte River.

In the pic below, Little Mavicito is looking out MsTioga's rear window. If you would have been here in 1850 and looked at the most distant hill in this pic, you may have seen a line of pioneer wagons wending its way west. Wow!

Do you see the pioneer wagons on the distant hill?


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