Wednesday, July 25, 2007

6AM - Mr. Dometic at 57°F.
We want you to know that Mr. Dometic is trying as hard as he is able to come down to proper temperature. However, we found something troubling with yesterday's installation.

It seems that the freezer plate which is supposed to be level, is bent upward. This means that the freezer plate is out-of-level side to side. We did a Google search and came up with this page:

We are returning to Rec-Vee first thing this morning, and show them what we found.

Note: Whether an upward bend of a cooling unit needs to be corrected has been submitted to the RV Mobile forum for clarification.

7PM - Spicy ads.
MsTioga was shocked to see spicy ads on her blog page recently. MsTioga wants you to understand that she does not put these ads on her blog page. That is the responsibility of of the Google people.

If you are shocked also by these ads, MsTioga suggests covering your eyes so you do not see these ads, OK?

10:30AM - Mr. Dometic on electric power.
The people at Rec-Vee are testing Mr. Dometic on electric power. The test started around 9:30AM when the temp inside Mr. Dometic's refrigerator section was 57.0°F. Now, only one hour later, Mr. Dometic is at 54.5°F.

If Mr. Dometic keeps getting colder on electric power, Rec Vee will try and find out what is wrong with the propane burner.
Mr. Dometic on electric power.

1PM - Dometic Corporation shipping a new cooling unit.
The electric power test failed! There is no difference running Mr. Dometic on propane or electricity. Mr. Dometic never gets below 54°F.

The Dometic Company has asked that we keep on testing on electric power, until 3PM. Then if nothing changes, they will ship us a new cooling unit from Denver. It should be here tomorrow, if all goes well.

4PM - Bad news & good news for Mr. Dometic!
When the Dometic Company was phoned at 3PM, their switchboard was closed. Would you believe it?! Hmmmm? Wow! So the bad news is that we will not receive a replacement cooling unit until Friday morning.

However, we have good news too! The Dometic Company will be shipping us a brand new rebuilt refrigerator, not just the cooling unit. This means that everything will be new. The circuit boards, the refrigerator and freezer doors. The whole enchilada!


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