Monday, July 23, 2007

6AM - Washing MsTioga in the cool of the morning.
We are up early and washing MsTioga's cabover and front end. This is the only time to do washing. The temperature over nite has come down to 58°F. Later, it will be much too hot.

8:30AM - Camped in Glenrock.
We have made a Day Camp in the Free Park in the Town of Glenrock. There are trees here, to protect from the Sun. Mr. Datastorm is able to peek out thru the trees, to find his satellite. And Mr. Sunny is able to charge his battery bank too.

We stopped in this same park on our way east last week. That was when we learned that historic persons John Fremont and Kit Carson made a camp here too!
Our Camp in Glenrock's Free Park.

This is a famous campsite!

1:30PM - Casper Mountain.
Reader Jo wrote email suggesting that we look for cooler temperatures in the mountains a few miles south of Casper, Wyoming. So, we did!

MsTioga climbed the very steep road all the way up Casper Mountain in her lowest gear. We are now at the top of the mountain at the 8,108 foot elevation. It is a pleasant 85°F inside MsTioga right now. Thank you, Jo!
Mr. Datastorm gazes at our southwest view from Casper Mountain.

Dometic 3 plus 3 Full Service Contract.
As you may know, our Mr. Dometic is going into the shop tomorrow morning to get his cooling unit changed out. We will not have to pay anything for this replacement cooling unit, because we bought Dometic's 3 plus 3 Full Service Contract.

Normally I do not go for service contracts. In Dometic's case however, I've made an exception. As I recall, my contract cost me $180 for a three year extension of my warranty.

When I first bought MsTioga, she came with a Dometic that was not working. I did not know it at the time of purchase, so I had to buy a new fridge. That new fridge came with a bad cooling unit, would you believe?! That's when I decided to go for the service contract.

If you would like to inquire about a Dometic Full Service Contract for your fridge, here is the link that will take you to Dometic's Warranty page:

Google Map Link

Google Earth Link

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