Monday, July 02, 2007

6AM - Yearlings are bumping MsTioga.
We on The Team, do not understand cows. This morning we were awakened because MsTioga was being bumped by yearling cows. There were a dozen of these yearlings.

Little Mavicito went outside, and the yearlings moved off and then just looked. What is going on with these cows? They look menacing, but run off if we try to pet them.
Yearling cows come to visit.

12 Noon - No cows in the City of Laramie.
Heading west from our Nite Camp, we came upon a zillion places to boondock. So far, Wyoming is a great boondocking state.

We have made an Afternoon Camp in the City of Laramie, Wyoming. There are no cows here in the park as there were at our Morning Camp!
George and MsTioga Afternoon Camped in Laramie, Wyoming.

6PM - Nite Camped in north of Laramie.
We have made our Nite Camp in an apartment neighborhood. There is some construction going on in our backyard.

As we have written in our MsTioga Magazine stories about dry camping and boondocking, a Nite Camp does not have to be a gorgeous place. A Nite Camp should be safe and quiet.
MsTioga's Nite Camp in Laramie, Wyoming.

8PM - Fried foods are soooooo good!
This evening, everything in the main dish was fried. Even the rice was fried. Everything else was breaded and fried. Brussels sprouts are really good, when breaded and fried. The other vegetables are zucchini squash, red rose potato.

The salmon fillet of course is also breaded and fried. A nice butter dipping sauce makes the salmon almost like heaven!
Tonite's wonderful supper.


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