Friday, July 20, 2007

7:30 - Are we allowed to drive on the Oregon Trail?
Well, MsTioga is on The Oregon Trail this morning! Just below our Nite Camp at Old Bedlam Ruts, we came to a place where the Oregon Trail crosses the dirt road. Little Mavicito captured MsTioga in the pic below, and you may plainly see the Oregon Trail crossed the road.

Do you see old Fort Laramie directly down the hill? Hmmmmm? That's where the Oregon Trail goes!
MsTioga on the Oregon Trail.

8:30AM - The campground in the Town of Fort Laramie.
We headed down the hill from our Nite Camp next to the Oregon Trail. Everybody on The Team felt a bit misty, because we were sooooo close to the pioneers of our country.

As we entered the little Town of Fort Laramie, we saw a park that allowed camping. We are making our Breakfast Camp in this park.

The park's sign asks for donations to camp a maximum of three days. There is drinking water and a bathroom available. A nice park lawn with picnic tables and swing and slide for the kids! [No dump station.]
MsTioga Camped in the Town of Fort Laramie.

2PM - Camped in Torrington, Wyoming.
We have made an Afternoon Camp in Torrington's Pioneer Park. This is a very lovely park which has a donation-pay campground with electric power! There is an RV dumpstation in the park, and water to fill MsTioga's fresh water tank.
MsTioga in Pioneer Park.

6PM - Staying the nite in Pioneer Park.
We had a Team Meeting, and voted to make our Nite Camp here in Pioneer Park. We will make a small donation for the camping space. Mr. Sunny does not need the electric hookup because his battery bank is fully charged.


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