Tuesday, July 03, 2007

7:30AM - Exploring for stuff in The City of Laramie, Wyoming.
We have decided to stay in Laramie for a few days. When we explore, who knows what we may find? As we explored The City of Laramie, we were very surprised to discover tranquility. Wow!

Laramie is peaceful and quiet. The din of traffic is absent. What a wonderful sound is that of quiet.

10AM - Day Camped at a city park.
We have been in Laramie for only one day, and have already discovered several parks. MsTioga is Day Camped at one of them, Labonte Park..

A Union Pacific steam locomotive is permanently displayed outside our door. We love steam locomotives, and remember the sound of them across the valley back in the 1940s and 1950s in Los Angeles.
George looks at the Union Pacific locomotive.

Old UP #535 sold for only $12,782!

5PM - 4th of July Celebration.
"Freedom Has A Birthday" is the name of the Independence Day, 4th of July celebration in the City of Laramie. Little Mavicito and George will be going. This is a day celebration, with festivities and food booths.

In the evening there will be a fireworks display called "Fire In The Sky." Everybody on The Team will be watching!


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