Monday, July 09, 2007

7AM - Heading north.
We pulled out of our free BLM campground at the Dugway recreation site along the North Platte River. The Team had made our Camp here for two nites. This site is remarkable for its many Pronghorn.

8AM - Beautiful Seminoe Mountains.
Ahead of us are the Seminoe Mountains. As we get closer to these mountains, they get greener and greener! It is a pine tree forest. Just gorgeous!

We came to a place where there is an overlook to the Seminoe Reservoir. A little farther on, we take a peek at the Seminoe Dam. The Team would like to make our Nite Camp in these gorgeous mountains. However this area is wildlife protected and has camping restrictions.
Seminoe Reservoir.

Seminoe Dam.

9AM - Looking for a Day Camp.
We are on a pretty good dirt road. MsTioga travels only about 10 miles per hour on dirt roads to keep from shaking a lot. We have been keeping our eyes open for a Day Camp. However, this area is very steep, and no proper Day Camps are found.
Gorgeous pine tree forest.

10AM - Camped along the mighty North Platte River.
MsTioga descended from the gorgeous mountains. Ahead we could see the land leveling out. We are approaching the North Platte River again.

We find a place to make our Camp. The State of Wyoming has provided access for fishermen. Although we do not fish, we are very thankful for those fishermen getting this place for us!
MsTioga camped along the North Platte River.

3PM - Solar battery maintenance time.
About every month Mr. Sunny wants his batteries looked at. They are cleaned up, cable and wire connections checked, and of course comes the watering. Mr. Sunny's batteries are very happy when they are watered.
Measuring distilled water for the batteries.

5PM - No Pronghorns here.
We got used to seeing the Pronghorns at our Camp for the last two days. Pronghorns are very interesting to watch.

It is in the high 90s°F inside MsTioga, so George is outside where it's cooler and using binoculars to search for Pronghorns.

Looking for Pronghorns.


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