Sunday, July 29, 2007

7AM - Heading west to Martin's Cove.
We are breaking our Nite Camp alongside the North Platte River. MsTioga wants to visit Martin's Cove, a place where 500 Mormon emigrants camped in November, 1856. Snow and cold stopped the Mormon's journey to Salt Lake City. Martin's Cove is located 40 miles west of here.
Our Nite Camp along the North Platte River.

8AM - Camped at Devils Gate.
We have made a Breakfast Camp at an historic stop along the Oregon Trail. It is called Devils Gate, thru which flows the Sweetwater River. Martin's Cove is in the valley below our Camp .

In the pic below, you see Devils Gate, the famous landmark for the emigrant pioneers. Do you see the Gate on the left? If you look closely on the right, and use your imagination, you may still see wagons plodding thru the valley.
Devils Gate on the Oregon Trail.

9:30AM - Mr. Dometic is soooooo cool.
Mr. Dometic wants all his friends to know, that he is holding his refrigerator temperature at 36°F. "It is so easy to keep cool now that I have a completely new refrigerator", says the delighted Mr. Dometic.

Mr. Dometic also wants you to know that his Dometic Service Contract paid for everything. The new fridge, the shipping, the installation. Mr. Dometic did not have to pay one $cent$.

1PM - Mormon Handcart Visitor's Center.
My visit to this Mormon Center was remarkable. An Elder in the church gave me a personal history of those pioneer times. Afterwards, he invited me to have potluck lunch with them.

Little Mavicito captured a pic of the people at the table where I had lunch, but the pic came out blurry!

7PM - In our mind's eye, we see the pioneers.
MsTioga is Camped only 100 yards from the Old Oregon Trail. We cannot be here without our imagination running wild. We see the wagons coming in over Rattlesnake Pass to the east. We see the pioneer families happily approaching Fort Seminoe, an oasis store with goods to sustain them.
Old Fort Seminoe.

We see the Oregon Trail when the wagons are leaving to continue their plodding journey west. We watch as the shapes get smaller, the wagons going over the hill, the people disappearing. They are long gone now, but we still see them. Do you see them too?
The Oregon Trail heading west from the Fort.

8PM - Creatures of the evening.
We sit looking out of MsTioga's windows. Creatures of the evening have come to find their supper in the area of Old Fort. Two very large birds, a half dozen pronghorn, numerous jackrabbits. They are all out there where the pioneers once made their camp.

And we inside MsTioga are here with them. Captured by the wonder of this place where so many pioneers came, camped, struggled and died to make this land ours.


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