Saturday, July 21, 2007

7AM - MsTioga in Nebraska!
Everybody is pretty sure, that we have never been to Nebraska before. And here we are!

What will we find in Nebraska? How will Nebraska be different? Wow! This is soooooo exciting!
TiogaRV Team first time in Nebraska!

10AM - Breakfast Camped in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.
On the way to this Camp, we stopped at the WalMart, and bought four short pants. We are very hard on pants. Another thing is, that these pants are all size 34, down from a tight fitting size 36. A couple months ago all of our candy was thrown into the trash, and now our meals are much smaller!

Now we are at a Scottsbluff park and sports field and made a Breakfast Camp.

1:30PM - Scottsbluff National Monument.
We drove around the City of Scottsbluff for awhile, and found ourselves at the National Monument for which this city is named.

Below is a pic of Scottsbluff as we approached the monument entrance. During the 1850s, the Oregon Trail passed thru this same route that MsTioga is traveling now.
Scottsbluff National Monument.

2:30PM - Shuttle to top of bluff.
MsTioga is too long to go up the road up to the top of the bluff. However, there is a free shuttle. Wow! Little Mavicito and George take the shuttle up, and decide to return by a paved trail.
Looking south from the bluff top.

There is a monument plaque to the man for whom the City of Scottsbluff is named. He is Hiram Scott. The bluff was named after him in commemoration.
Monument plaque to Hiram Scott.

The sign at the trail descending back to the visitor's center notes that the trail is 1.6 miles long. It is very hot today, but we feel safe because we have water and the path is down all the way.
View at the top of the descending trail.

The trail goes thru a tunnel.

Looking up the trail from the bottom.

4:30PM - Heading back for Wyoming.
We decided to make our Nite Camp back in Torrington, Wyoming again. Mr. Dometic must return to Casper for his service appointment on Tuesday. Camping in Torrington will make that trip shorter.

Also, it is 102°F this afternoon in Scottsbluff, and we will be able to use MsTioga's air conditioner to cool off while we are on the road traveling.


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