Thursday, July 19, 2007

8:30AM - Camped at the Army bridge over the North Platte River.
We headed east for the Town of Fort Laramie, and came to the bridge across the North Platte River. We have made a Day Camp here.

There is no sign of the Sun this morning. Very thick low clouds cover the sky. Mr. Sunny, our solar electric system, is only generating 3 amps per hour. We need twice as much as that to go online.

1:30PM - Searching for the Oregon Trail.
Little Mavicito and George spent quite a bit of time wandering around the hills west of Fort Laramie, searching for the Oregon Trail. Our map shows that the Oregon Trail went to the Fort, and then continued west.

We do not know why, but it makes us feel really good to be in the same place where the pioneers traveled. While wandering around, we found a marker for this famous trail.
George on the Oregon Trail.

4PM - Camped on National Park Road.
National Park lands which include Fort Laramie are huge. We were searching for the Oregon Trail east of Fort Laramie. We did not find the Oregon Trail east of the Fort, but did find a place along the road for our Nite Camp.
MsTioga Nite Camped east of Fort Laramie.

6PM - Forest ranger talks about Oregon Trail.
A forest ranger came by and told us stories about the Oregon Trail. He mentioned about the Old Bedlam Trail Ruts, west of the Fort Laramie Park. Wow! We broke our Camp fast, and headed for the Oregon Trail and the Old Bedlam Ruts.

7PM - Old Bedlam Ruts.
We turned westerly at the cemetery, and after a couple of miles came to the Old Bedlam Ruts sign on Bureau of Land Management property.

A path led up to the trail ruts, which had an historical marker with a neat story!

The trail ruts are faint, and we feel that it is a very good thing that dedicated people have preserved the site followed by our pioneers.
Do you see the trail?

Little Mavicito and George walked along the trail ruts to the ridge of the hill.

On the way back to our Camp, Little Mavicito captured the pic below showing Fort Laramie Park on the left, way in the distance.
Do you see the Fort Laramie buildings?

8PM - Listening for the sounds of wagons.
Do you think it is odd for us on The Team to believe that we will be able to hear the sounds of the old pioneer wagons going by tonite?

We listened for the sounds of Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery when we camped at the exact site of one of their Camps. And we heard those long gone and distant voices. So tonite we will listen again!

MsTioga believes that we all keep young with our active imagination.


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