Sunday, July 08, 2007

8:30AM - Wimbledon and carpet maintenance.
While we listen to the final tennis match at Wimbledon on XM satellite radio, some carpet maintenance is going on.

MsTioga's carpets are secured to the floor with aluminum carpet trim. This morning we had to take up the aluminum trim and reset the forward carpet so that the carpet lined up with its adjoining piece.

Meanwhile, the Wimbledon match between Federer and Nadal is soooooooo exciting!
Resetting the aluminum carpet trim.

9:30AM - Pronghorns come to call.
Two pronghorns have been grazing close to MsTioga. They are sooooo close, only 40 feet away!

Then some campers came by with a loud ATV. The pronghorns alerted, took off and in seconds were hundreds of yards away.
One of the pronghorns.

Both pronghorns racing away.

3PM - Climbing the big hill.
When Little Mavicito and George decided to explore the big hill southwest of our Camp, we wondered how long it would take us to get up there. We have seen the Pronghorns run up to the top in only 30 seconds!

We had to be careful on the big hill. The surface is like flagstone, and very slippery. When we got up to the top, there were two Pronghorns eyeballing us!

When we returned to MsTioga, the clock said that it had taken us 30 minutes to make the round trip.
Pronghorns keeping their eyes on us.

View of the North Platte River valley from the big hill.

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