Thursday, July 12, 2007

8AM - Doing laundry in the Town of Mills, Wyoming.
The Town of Mills appears to be a suburb of the City of Casper. We asked where a laundromat was located, and a nice lady working in Smith's Market directed us here.

Milview Cleaners and Laundromat has those BIG washing machines that we like. Front loaders that rotate like a cement mixer and get clothes really clean!

9AM - Readers worried about me.
I received seven emails of concern for me this morning because of yesterday's 9PM post titled, "Do blogs go on forever?" When I wrote about going to the great beyond [dying], that must have struck a sad note in some readers thoughts.

Actually, I am doing fantastic. My life is more than I could ask. Everyday filled with excitement. Of course I get excited just planning to do grocery shopping! Does not take much to get me up and ready to go!

Another thing that really gets me excited, is breaking my Nite Camp and heading out. That is such a great feeling. The expectation of adventure, and sights unseen. Just absolutely fantastic!

12 Noon - Lunch Camped above Alcova Reservoir.
We are going to prepare a chicken enchilada lunch at this Alcova overlook. Little Mavicito will publish a pic of our lunch in a little while, OK?

Here is the pic. This meal is breakfast, lunch and supper. And, It was soooooo good. We put the enchilada, beans and corn into a cast iron skillet. The skillet is then covered with aluminum foil and placed in a 300°F oven for twenty minutes.

It is so neat the way all the cheese melts beautifully.

Chicken enchilada, beans and corn.

3PM - Independence Rock.
MsTioga and The Team have arrived at the historic Independence Rock, along the Oregon Trail. We plan to make a Nite Camp somewhere close to the Rock.

However, an hour later, our explorations find us Nite Camped on what appears to be the actual Oregon Trail. Wow! MsTioga says, "It pays to be inquisitive."

MsTioga camped close to Independence Rock on the Oregon Trail.


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