Monday, July 16, 2007

8AM - The missing pioneer names in Glenrock.
We decided to find out about the missing names that were promised in the historic sign that we saw yesterday in the Town of Glenrock. We went to a restaurant and asked if anybody knew about it.

We met a man named Rex, who coincidentally used to live on the little ranch next to the glen with the missing names. Rex said that there were about 100 names on a rock slab, but that the slab fell over a few years ago! Wow!

9AM - Camped in the Town of Douglas, Wyoming.
We left the Town of Glenrock, and headed east. We came to Douglas, Wyoming, and made a Camp here.

Douglas has several statues of the mystical "Jackalope" placed here and there. The Jackalope is the odd combination of a jack rabbit and an antelope. Hmmmm?

Little Mavicito wants to go capture a pic of a Jackalope for you to see. After breakfast we will take a walk into downtown and get that Jackalope pic.

A Jackalope in Douglas, Wyoming.

12 Noon - Riverside Camp.
Reader Doug emailed about a free campground near the North Platte River in the Town of Douglas. So, we are giving this campground a try! There is even a dump station in this campground!
MsTioga in Douglas' park near the Platte River.

4PM - City of Douglas is very funny.
The people of Douglas have a very good sense of humor. In addition to promoting the mystical Jackalope, they also communicate with wild animals.

Take a peek at the Riverside Park sign below. The City of Douglas only allows "Pronghorn", "Trout" and "Mule Deer" to camp overnite at the park!
RVers are not invited!


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