Saturday, July 14, 2007

8AM - Mr. Dometic is at 40°F!
We are Morning Camped on the north side of the City of Casper, Wyoming. MsTioga has chosen a gorgeous place alongside the North Platte River.

Mr. Dometic stayed up working hard all nite long, and now has his temperature at 40°F. We are soooooo proud of him! Mr. Dometic tells us that he is still very sick, and that he does not know how long he will be able to keep this cool temperature.
MsTioga Camped along the North Platte River.

2PM - Staying by the river.
We have decided to stay at the river for the day. Lots of families are here too. Some are swimming in the water, picnicking, playing music.

Ms. GQ and George have been working on their calendar. They are up to the 4th quarter of 2005! Sometimes they work on the "Yesterday" "Tomorrow" links.

MsTioga says, "A little bit of work everyday is the ticket!"

View from MsTioga's window.


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