Friday, July 06, 2007

8AM - View of Town of Centennial.
For our morning walk, we went downhill until Little Mavicito was able to see Centennial. The pic below is at full magnification. That is why it's a little blurry.

Little Mavicito and George were very watchful during this walk. We kept looking for our bear that we first spotted last nite! But our bear must be sleeping now.
Centennial view from near our Camp.

11AM - Snowy Range Pass.
We pulled out of our Centennial View Camp, and headed west. MsTioga came to the top of the mountain. Snowy Ridge Pass is at 10,847' elevation. There is still a lot of snow on the mountain.
MsTioga at Snowy Range Pass.

2:30PM - Camped in the desert.
As we descended the mountain, we found tons of places to Camp. The mosquitoes were soooooo thick. Often flying in clouds! Wow! So, we kept going.

We have made our Camp in the desert, north of the Town of Saratoga. The thermometer reads 90°F outside. Inside MsTioga it is not too bad. A steady and gentle breeze is blowing, and keeps us comfortable. We are surprised to learn from Mr. DeLorme, that the elevation here is 6,993 feet.
The TiogaRV Team's desert Camp.


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