Thursday, August 30, 2007

11AM - Living in a small western town.
We are wondering how to share with you the specialness of living in a small western town as is La Grande, Oregon. We have been living in La Grande for two days!

For our morning walk, we went downtown and looked in shop windows. Upon crossing streets, cars stopped for us, a respectful distance away too. Other walkers said, "Hello", as they passed.

Is there hurrying around here? We don't see any. At our Breakfast Camp in a residential neighborhood, MsTioga is parked next to a front yard garden. A tree with red fruit grows there. We see bees buzzing to the flowers of this tree. Hardly any cars pass by us.

There is such peace. We relish that peace. We love the quiet of this place. We are sooooooo lucky to be living here!
View from MsTioga's window.

Fruit on the tree.

Cheese omelette breakfast.

4PM - Nite Camped on the actual Oregon Trail!
It came to be the time to look for our Nite Camp. MsTioga followed a dirt road into the forest in the Blue Mountains. Would you believe that we made our Nite Camp only a few feet from an Oregon Trail marker! Man-O-Man!
Oregon Trail Marker at our Camp.

Blue Mountain Crossing would prove to be even tougher than the Rocky Mountains!

George with a pioneer wagon on Blue Mountain Crossing.


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