Sunday, August 19, 2007

11AM - Moral perfection not achieved.
You may have read in my Values & Goals, that I had established them in 1993. That is now 14 years ago. I seem to have plateaued over the past few years, and not making much progress.

In truth, I have come to accept failure to make progress in achieving my values. And if I look deeply into my heart, I don't believe that I ever will achieve my values. However, I keep trying. Why is that?

My pal Benjamin Franklin in his autobiography gives me a clue. Franklin wrote: "But, on the whole, tho' I never arrived at the perfection I had been so ambitious of obtaining, but fell far short of it, yet I was, by the endeavour, a better and a happier man than I otherwise should have been if I had not attempted it..."

Wow! I could not have said it better myself!

1PM - Stopped tracking the South Oregon Trail.
Mr. DeLorme, our valiant but often error prone GPS, stated this morning that the Emigrant Trail was just to the northeast of our Camp. So, off we went to find the trail. It was not to be found! We went to the exact place where Mr. DeLorme pointed, and there was nothing there. Just empty desert.

Afterwards, we continued west on Hwy #78. We kept our eyes open for any sign of the Oregon Trail, and there was nothing to be seen. When we came to a place where the Hwy #78 continued, we decided to leave that highway, and head north.

We are now Day Camped in the City of Nampa, Idaho. Our feeling is that we may stay the nite here in the City of Nampa.

6PM - Rainy day session!
When we came out of the Wal*Mart after grocery shopping, everything was really wet. There had been a rain storm!

Just down the road from the Wal*Mart, we found our Nite Camp. MsTioga is in an industrial neighborhood in the northeast of the City of Nampa. And just now, the Sun came out!
George & Tioga camping for free in Nampa, Idaho.


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