Sunday, August 05, 2007

5:45AM - Downriver morning walk.
Little Mavicito wanted to take a peek down Green River, so we did. Then we cut westerly, to take a look at the land around here.

We found a tiny community of three aging RVs, that appear to live here all the time. And we saw the nearby Stauffer Chemical plant that works 24 hours a day.
RVers living along Green River.

Stauffer Chemical.

7AM - Calendar, Yesterday & Tomorrow.
Have you used our Calendar thing? It's up at the top of the left column. The calendar goes back to the 4th quarter of 2005 now. Also, there are "Yesterday" & "Tomorrow" buttons from August, 2006 to the present.

Ms. GQ and George are working hard to put Yesterday" & "Tomorrow" buttons and the calendar thing on the whole blog. MsTioga says, "A little work everyday, that's the ticket!"

7:30AM - Do you know our friends Chris & Jim Guld?
Guess what is happening today? We are meeting up with our friends Chris & Jim Guld at Fort Bridger! Man-O-Man!

Chris & Jim are fulltime RVers, who have been on-the-road for years. And they somehow are able to be employed and making $dough$ while they do it. Really a neat and challenging thing to do!

Chris & Jim have websites that are pretty neat. One is their blog, and the other is their education site. Take a peek, OK?

11:30AM - Old Fort Bridger.
We have made a Day Camp near the Old Fort Bridger State Historic Site. MsTioga has asked for a little outside washing, and so we are going to do that! However, just about then up drove Chris, Jim & Odie in their famous RV Roadie!
Odie [on the lawn], Chris & Jim.

12 Noon - Lunch inside Roadie.
Chris offered to make a tuna salad lunch inside her RV Roadie. What a great idea! So we all went into Roadie and had a great time talking about the stuff that we do on the road while we ate lunch.

1:30PM - Going to see MsTioga!
After lunch, we all went over to mess around inside MsTioga. Even Odie came with us, and he was sooooo at home in MsTioga. Odie just hopped right inside, and even jumped up to sit next to George and be petted. We love that little Odie!
Jim, Odie and Chris.

3PM - Shopping for groceries.
After Jim, Chris, Odie and Roadie headed out for their camp in the State of Utah, we went shopping for groceries. Then we went to make our Nite Camp. While we were driving, we saw a sign that stated, "No Camping anywhere in this county!" Wow!

When we parked for our Nite Camp, a county sheriff truck drove by twice. So we decided to make a Stealth Nite Camp, with no lights, no levelers and no Datastorm. That worked pretty good, and we were not troubled by the sheriff during the nite.


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