Friday, August 03, 2007

5AM - Changing course.
"2007 Trip Plan" showed told that we were going to head toward The Tetons in the month of August. However, we decided that the excitement of The Old Oregon trail was too much to miss.

So, we are heading southwest along the Oregon Trail toward Fort Bridger!

7AM - Morning hilltop walk.
Light rain had fallen most of the nite. Outside, all the plants were loving that rain and so did we on The Team. Little Mavicito and George decided on a morning hilltop walk. It is a crisp 53°F and with the lite breeze, exposed hands get cold! George really likes to feel the cold breeze.

We usually walk about an hour round trip, so on this walk we turned around and headed back to MsTioga about 1/2 hour out.
Do you see MsTioga waiting for us to return?

8:30AM - Atlantic City for breakfast.
When we entered the little Town of Atlantic City, Wyoming, we found the restaurant & store, "Miner's Grubstake." We decided to have breakfast there.

Miner's Grubstake is a deliteful restaurant. Several people who live in Atlantic City were eating breakfast, and we had a nice conversation with them.
Miner's Grubstake Restaurant & Store.

George at Miner's Grubstake.

As we drove south out of the Town of Atlantic City, MsTioga stopped for Little Mavicito to take a pic.
Looking north back at Atlantic City, Wyoming.

1PM - Lander Cut-off.
We have arrived at the Lander Cut-off which took several days off the Oregon Trail journey. This quiet little dirt road heading westerly across the Hwy #28 was once an important route for Indians, trappers and pioneer emigrants.
Lander Cut-off.

1:30PM - South Pass and the Continental Divide.
MsTioga is once again crossing the Continental Divide. How many times have we crossed the divide? Nobody can remember!

2PM - South Pass overlook.
We are at a place where the Oregon Trail crosses Hwy #28 again. Here the State of Wyoming has built a turn-out looking out over the South Pass portion of the Oregon Trail.

Little Mavicito and George are overwhelmed at this place. We stand in the trail, and once more imagine the wagons, hand carts, men, women and children moving slowly along this desert road west.

The South Pass of the Oregon Trail today.

3:30PM - Nite Camped near Farson, Wyoming.
MsTioga drove thru a very huge thunderstorm. We had to stop for awhile, because the rain was coming down so hard that it was too much for the windshield wipers, even at high speed.

We have made our Camp on open range, a bit southwest of the Town of Farson, Wyoming. Our map shows that the Oregon Trail is a short distance away. Brigham Young and Mormon pioneers met the legendary James Bridger nearby.

Read the interesting story of that camp on the pic of the historical plaque below, OK?
Plaque commemorating meeting of Brigham Young and Jim Bridger.


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