Saturday, August 04, 2007

5AM - TiogaRV Team Budget turn-a-round!
The Team has something really neat to report about our budget expenses. The money that we spent for the past two months has been very low! Expense for June, 2007 is $1,266. And the expense for July, 2007 is $1,222.

You may remember that we had very high expenses during the first half of 2007. MsTioga's paint and fiberglass job cost $3,500. MsTioga bought six new tires that cost about $1,000. And there have been several large expenses for Mr. Datastorm during the first six months of 2007.

But now things have turned around! Our savings have gone up from about $6,000 to $8,500 during June and July. And while our expenses have gone down, our Google Adsense income has remained high. Isn't this a very good thing?

If you would like to take a peek at our budget report, click here, OK?

8AM - Do people drive the Oregon Trail today?
Reader Allan Morris wrote email:
"From your photos, it looks like the trail is still driven today. Are there reaches of the Oregon Trail where you are permitted to drive a vehicle from one point to another?"

I understand why Allan would ask this question. The trail looks as though pioneer wagons only recently drove by. However, I have seen trail ruts that went right under barb wire fences. There is no way to drive thru the fence, and the trail ruts look as recent as the pic of the California Trail below.

I imagine that it is possible to drive a vehicle over the pioneer's Oregon Trail ruts. However, I've not seen any tire marks on any of the ruts that I viewed.

We have made a Breakfast Camp at a State of Wyoming pullout with some fascinating signs.

California Trail 50 yards from MsTioga's Camp.

10AM - Pioneers arrive at the Green River.
Imagine coming all this way on the Oregon Trail, and then finding the challenge of crossing the Green River! At this point the river is soooooo wide! And swift too!
This is where the pioneers crossed the Green River.

Replica of a river ferry.

1PM - MsTioga found her Green River Camp!
We came to a desert road heading east off the highway, and took a chance to find our Nite Camp. We are always taking chances exploring. And guess what happened? MsTioga found the Green River!
MsTioga's Green River Nite Camp.


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