Wednesday, August 01, 2007

6AM - Hunting for Moose Person.
Little Mavicito was convinced that Moose Person was out there by the lake. So George went out with Little Mavicito to search!
Searching for Moose.

A couple hundred yards from our Camp, we found tracks in the mud. Wow!
Moose tracks.

Then we spotted Moose. But there was no place to hide to cover our approach to Moose. And Moose took off across the lake and into the forest beyond. Little Mavicito quickly used his zoom to try and capture Moose, and he got him. However, it was still sort of dark, and you will have to look really hard to see Moose.

Moose runs away.

We trudged back to MsTioga to show her the Moose Person that Little Mavicito captured.
MsTioga waiting patiently for us to return.

7AM - Thick clouds cover the Sun.
Mr. Sunny decided to tilt up his solar panels, because the Sun was so weak this morning.
Mr. Sunny tilts his panels.

6:30PM - Moved our Camp down the mountain.
There is a very large road construction project, extending from the pavement end [at the bottom of the mountain] to west of last nite's Camp. We have waited all day for the work to come to an end, so that we may move back down the mountain.

Our Nite Camp is next to the Middle Popo Agie River. There are several other RVs camped nearby. It is raining steadily. But inside MsTioga, it is warm and dry.


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