Monday, August 13, 2007

6AM - Invited for breakfast!
This morning we are accepting an invitation to breakfast at the home of reader/friends Allen & Diana who live nearby our Twin Falls, Idaho Nite Camp. We last met in Allen & Diana in February, 2005 near dry Lake Chapala in Baja California, Mexico. The three of us had lunch at Elvia's Restaurant & Truck Stop along Mexico's Highway #1.

This morning, Allen promised pancakes, eggs & bacon! Yummmm!

9AM to 12 Noon - Sharing the morning with Allen & Diana.
What a great time I had this morning. A wonderful breakfast with my friends. I have so much in common with Allen and Diana. A love of exploring, history and RVing.

Diana prepared omelettes a new way, sealed in a plastic bag and boiled in water for ten minutes. The omelettes came out light, fluffy and delicious. Allen took charge of pancake production!

During and after breakfast, we spent the morning sharing stories. As I was leaving, Diana handed me a care package with a large slice of cantelope and a giant piece of wonderful chocolate cake [half of this cake has already been enjoyed!].
Diana's new omelette.

Allen finishes the batch of pancakes.

1PM to 4PM - Following the Oregon Trail.
MsTioga is continuing west on U.S. Hwy #30. This road goes close to the mighty Snake River paralleling the Old Oregon Trail.
Do you see the old trail between the sign posts?

4PM - Salmon Falls.
We came to an historic site described with the wonderful descriptive signs that are found along Idaho highways. At this place are the many cascading water falls that appear to come right out of the rock on the other side of the Snake River.

The falls opposite the historic sign.

6PM - Nite Camped at a Snake River overlook.
MsTioga and The Team have made Nite Camp at a place that looks down at the Snake River. Across the little road to the south of our Camp, is a canyon where the actual signs of the Old Oregon Trail may still be seen.

While we were busy setting up our Camp, Little Mavicito and his trusted companion TriPod, secretly left MsTioga and went down into the canyon to look at the Old Oregon Trail. They came back awhile later, excitedly claiming that they had captured a pic of an actual wagon train that went thru the canyon! Can you imagine that?

You have to decide for yourself when you look at the pic below. The pic looks real. Little Mavicito and TriPod believe that they took a pic of an actual wagon train from over a 150 years ago. These are magical things, and perhaps these two adventuresome Team Members actually snapped back in time for an instant.
Little Mavicito and TriPod's pic of a 150 year old wagon train.

Our Camp above the Snake River.


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