Tuesday, August 28, 2007

6AM - Pioneers are in Oregon, now what?
This morning we on the TiogaRV Team were thinking about the challenges of the pioneers once they arrived in Oregon? Now they had to provide a home for themselves. Grow corn, wheat, raise chickens, cows, provide clothing. Soooooo many things!

We wanted to go online and do research about these pioneer challenges. However, our solar battery bank needed charging. Mr. Sunny suggested tilting his solar battery bank. Before dawn, we moved north a bit, and setup our Morning Camp.
MsTioga looks at the Moon at our Nite Camp.

Our Morning Camp with Mr. Sunny's panels tilted up.

11AM - Camped in the City of La Grande, Oregon.
Little Mavicito is sooooo very happy about the Oregon Trail Kiosks found at many rest stops here in the State of Oregon. The pictures, information and diary quotes are timely to the location. We love to share with you this Oregon Trail history.

2PM - Ezra Meeker's Oregon Trail Marker.
Reader Cherie emailed a link to a page telling of Ezra Meeker, the pioneer responsible for preserving the Oregon Trail. This link described a stone marker that Meeker placed in La Grande, Oregon on the Oregon Trail in the year 1906.

MsTioga drove over to this marker which George poses with in the pic below.
Ezra Meeker's Oregon Trail marker.

3:30PM - Camped at Morgan Lake.
After paying our respects to Ezra Meeker's Oregon Trail marker, we continued to follow the Trail which led up an extremely steep hill. How the pioneers descended this steep hill is a miracle, because it is sooooo steep. MsTioga is dreading going down this hill.

The steep hill led to Morgan Lake, and we have made our Nite Camp here.
Gorgeous very blue Morgan Lake.


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