Friday, August 10, 2007

7:30AM - Washing MsTioga in the forest.
MsTioga really loves her "Blue Coral" Wash & Wax. MsTioga says that, "I just get more and more shiny every time George puts "Blue Coral" on me!"

This morning MsTioga got her front and back washed with Blue Coral. It is just wonderful doing stuff like this out in the wilds of the forest.
George & MsTioga doing washing in the forest.

1PM - Little Mavicito takes a hike!
There is a dirt road that goes up the hill behind our Camp. Little Mavicito sat on MsTioga's dining table and looked at that road for a long time. Then, when nobody was looking, Little Mavicito jumped out of MsTioga's door and went dashing up this road! Wow!
What Little Mavicito saw from the window.

Little Mavicito had never gone off by himself alone before. He came to a place where the road turned, and went steeply up to the left. At the top of this steep road, there was a fire pit. Somebody had made a camp here before!
The steep road.

The fire pit.

The breeze blowing thru the leaves of the aspen trees was making a sound that seemed to Little Mavicito to be like water flowing in a creek.
Aspen trees whose leaves sound like water.

Little Mavicito continued on, and came to a place where the road split off in two directions. Which way should Little Mavicito go? Frightened because he might be getting lost, Little Mavicito ran back to the safety of MsTioga!
The fork in the road where Little Mavicito turned back to Camp.

4:30PM - Staying another nite on the mountain.
It came time for us to go down the mountain. George began to prepare to head out. But MsTioga said, "Let's take a vote!"

So, a Team Meeting was called and a vote taken. Everybody voted to stay, and only George voted to head out down the mountain. Wow!


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