Tuesday, August 21, 2007

7:30AM - Where do French fries come from?
On our morning walk, Little Mavicito found out where French fries come from. In Caldwell, Idaho, there are several J.R. Simplot factories, where potatoes are processed into French fries. And these plants are soooooo BIG!

We took pics of two Simplot plants that were within a half mile of each other.

Two of Simplot's plants in Caldwell, Idaho.

1PM - Back on the Trail again!
MsTioga and The Team have made an Afternoon Camp in the Town of Parma, Idaho. We are back on the Oregon Trail again. Take a peek at the pics below, OK?
Oregon Trail marker.

Old Fort Boise historic sign.

1:30PM - Oregon Trail ruts ahead.
We are going to stay in the town park in Parma, Idaho for a bit. MsTioga needs some washing after camping a few days ago over clay and sandy soil.

Little Mavicito captured the pic below from a map of the Oregon Trail. We are now at Old Fort Boise, which you may find at the lower right on the map. Look a little bit farther passed the Town of Vale, Oregon, and you may see a "dashed line" going thru Alkali Springs and Birch Creek. This "dashed line" is where Oregon Trail Ruts still exist. However, we do not believe that there is a road that goes into that area. When we are on the road again, we will poke around and look for a road near the ruts!

Oregon Trail Map.

5PM - Vale, Oregon on the Old Oregon Trail.
One of the things that we like about the State of Oregon, is that they often leave the truck scales turned on, even when the weigh stations are closed. MsTioga weighed herself, and found that she lost a net 300 pounds when her air conditioner and Mr. Onan the generator were removed [in Mexico].

MsTioga's trimmed down weight.

We are Camped on a road in Vale, Oregon, signed OK for 72 hour truck parking.


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