Wednesday, August 29, 2007

7AM - Mr. Datastorm maintenance time.
Our hardworking Mr. Datastorm has been having problems talking to the Hughes Network Operations Center [NOC]. This problem began a few days ago, and seems to be getting a bit worse lately. When Mr. Datastorm is not able to talk to NOC, we are not able to surf the net or make posts to our blog.

We are up on the roof checking cable connections. Maybe there is some corrosion on a cable end, or perhaps a wire is loose? Mr. Datastorm says that you can see by the look on George's face, that he is sooooooo happy that something has broken. Now George gets to use his tools!
George works on Mr. Datastorm.

10AM - Coming down the Old Oregon Trail.
Last nite we were camped up on a mountain, southeast of the City of La Grande, Oregon. We did not have good cell phone reception up there, so we came back down the mountain. We need to phone Motosat, because of Mr. Datastorm's problems.

This is a very steep mountain, and we wondered how the pioneers got their wagons down the very steep grade. MsTioga even had to stop once, to make sure that her brakes did not overheat.

When we got down to the bottom of the mountain and were in La Grande again, we made a Day Camp in Birnie Park. This is where many pioneers made their camp too!

3PM - Mr. Datastorm has a new birdy!
It turned out that Mr. Datastorm's problem was that his birdy [satellite] was not working right. So, we now are on a new birdy. It is called HM1 or 127W.

While all of this new birdy stuff was going on [it takes about an hour], Little Mavicito went across the street to Birnie Park and made another movie and took pics.

Little Mavicito Video Productions
Pioneer Camp in La Grande Park

7PM - Nite Camp in a vacant lot.
MsTioga and The Team have made our Nite Camp in a vacant lot in the City of La Grande, Oregon.

Mr. Datastorm's problems of the last few days have completely cleared up now that we have moved to a new space birdy [satellite]. In fact, we uploaded today's movie at astounding speeds. Before with the old satellite, our upload speed was similar to 10 miles per hour. Our new speed is like 240 miles per hour. Pretty good, huh?


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