Wednesday, August 08, 2007

7AM - Ranch Hand Truck Stop is closed!
We received an email from Reader Larry Detwiler who wrote:
"Saw you were in the Montpelier, Idaho area and thinking about spending the night. If you do there used to be a truck stop there called the Ranch Hand that used to have the best breakfasts anywhere. We were truck drivers and really looked forward to being able to stop there to eat."

MsTioga and The Team drove north to where Ranch Hand is located, and were disappointed to find the truck stop had closed down. Wow! We were really looking forward to that "best breakfast!"

8AM - Wild about wheat.
From the very beginning of our journey back in 2003, we have always found fields of wheat to be absolutely gorgeous. We love how they often stretch out for miles, like a huge lawn. When the wheat we find is ripe, we pick one stalk, and plant the little wheat seeds to see them grow.
George in rows of a field of wheat.

9AM - Continuing along the Oregon Trail.
All morning long we have been traveling close to the Old Oregon Trail. There are now fields of wheat covering the pioneer road from our view. The Oregon Trail went close to Bear River, and from time to time we see Bear River from the highway.

On the way to the Town of Soda Springs, we came upon an interesting historic story on one of the highway plaques.

Stories of the Old Oregon Trail.

Note: We are so sorry that the little diary pics are not readable.

10AM - Geyser Camped in Soda Springs.
We turned down what appeared to be the center of the Town of Soda Springs. Thru the buildings we were surprised to see a huge water geyser rising into the air. By the time MsTioga had parked, the geyser was gone. However, a sign told that the geyser would rise again in one hour.

So, we waited for the geyser to spout again. As promised, just past 11AM up shot the geyser!

The geyser of Soda Springs.

5PM - Found our Nite Camp in the Town of Soda Springs.
During the afternoon, we spent about two hours browsing in the museum in the historic Enders Geyser View Hotel. We love the stories told in this very personal museum. Stories about individual residents of the town. How they came to live in Soda Springs, and what contributions they made here.

We have made our Nite Camp on the east end of town.
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