Friday, August 17, 2007

7AM - Traveling the South Alternate Oregon Trail.
We were reading a new map received at the Oregon Trail History Center yesterday. We found out from this map, that yesterday we had taken the South Alternate to the Oregon Trail. Pioneers who feared the Three Islands Crossing or tried the crossing and failed, stayed on the south side of the Snake River.

Our Camp is located on that South Alternate Oregon Trail. The Snake River flows only a few feet from where MsTioga is Camped.
The Sun has not yet broken thru the heavy grey clouds this morning.

8AM - Quotes from the pioneers.
Little Mavicito captured quotes from women pioneers. We feel that these quotes are extremely telling of the emotional strength and struggles of women who pioneered our west.

8:30AM - Reports about things Readers ask about.
We have received many emailed questions about some things. So, here are reports about most asked questions.

  • How is the fiberglass job completed in Mexico holding up? Any cracks? The fiberglass and and the paint job too, are holding up great. Not one crack has been observed in the fiberglass. The paint took about two months to completely cure, and has a very hard and durable surface now. And, it is soooooo shiny!
  • Do you miss not having the air conditioner? No! The air conditioner was hardly used during the years when we had it. The air conditioner was noisy, especially so because the generator had to be running in order to use the air conditioner. Also, I have gotten used to the heat which used to wipe me out. Recently it has been over 100°F during the afternoons, and I have been doing very well.
  • How is Mr. Dometic doing? Even with these 100°F+ days, Mr. Dometic has been doing really great. During the late afternoons when it is very hot, he has been creaping up toward the high 40s°F. But that is only because I open the fridge a lot to drink cold water. If I left the fridge door closed all afternoon, the temp would stay down. After the Sun goes down, Mr. Dometic recovers quickly down to the low 40s°F.

12:30PM - Afternoon Camped at CJ Strike Reservoir.
It was getting to be both nap and lunch time, so we turned off at a Sportsman Access sign and found a Camp on the shore of CJ Strike Reservoir [Snake River]. There are many boats on this reservoir.

For lunch, a chicken salad was prepared in MsTioga's comfortable kitchen. A chicken breast was cut up in small chunks, breaded and fried. The salad was soooooo good!

If we were pioneers, instead of MsTioga's comfortable kitchen, we might be doing our cooking at the back of a wagon, as shown in the pic below. Out there with all the bugs, dust and stuff!

Fried chicken salad.

Pioneer kitchen.

3PM - The C.J. Strike Ruts Video.
MsTioga was reading the map that we received at the history center at Three Island Crossing. She found a notation about the C.J. Strike Ruts, nearby where we have made our Camp. However, there were no signs about the ruts.

We thought a bit, and figured out by looking over the land where the Oregon Trail must go, and went over there. Sure enough, there it was, marked with the Oregon Trail marking stakes.

Little Mavicito said, "I want to make another movie!" So, he did!

Little Mavicito Video Productions
The C.J. Strike Ruts on the Oregon Trail


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