Friday, August 24, 2007

7AM - We are here because of Ezra Meeker.
Do you know about Ezra Meeker? He is a pioneer who emigrated to the State of Oregon in 1852. In 1906, Ezra Meeker did a remarkable thing. Because the Oregon Trail had been forgotten, he decided to travel the old trail again, this time from west to east.

Ezra Meeker's 1906 journey was the beginning of the drive to protect the legacy of the pioneers and this grand Oregon Trail. You may read about wonderful Ezra Meeker by clicking on:

7:30AM - Little Mavicito Video Productions!
Little Mavicito's has ideas of growing his fledgling movie company into an empire! Can you imagine that?

This morning Little Mavicito wants to re-shoot his Keeney Pass movie and make a new movie about why there was so much dust on the Oregon Trail. Wow!

10AM - Remake of Keeney Pass movie.
When Little Mavicito and I were walking up to Keeney Pass to remake the movie, I asked him why he wanted to do this? "Because in the first Keeney Pass movie, you said that pioneer John D. Henderson died of thirst, and we found out later that he died of Black Measles", replied Little Mavicito. "I don't like my movies to have bad facts!"

Wow! Little Mavicito is turning into a very serious minded movie maker!

The remake of our "Keeney Pass Movie" has been published, and you may see it by clicking on the link in our August 22nd blog, OK?

1PM - "Oregon Trail Dust!"
Little Mavicito and George want to thank our good friend and reader, Mike S. from Florida who kept after us to produce videos. Even when we were reluctant and gave Mike reasons why it would be too hard make videos, Mike kept urging. Thank you sooooooo much, Mike! We love to make our videos!

Little Mavicito Video Productions
Oregon Trail Dust!

1:30PM - Readers Bob & Donna.
We heard a knock on MsTioga's door. It was Readers Bob & Donna, coming by to say, "Hi!" Bob & Donna are going to stay the nite, right here at Keeney Pass with MsTioga & The Team!

Donna offered to make chicken sandwiches, so we all went over to their RV and had lunch. Wow! Isn't this the greatest thing?
Chicken sandwich lunch.

Bob & Donna's RV with MsTioga at Keeney Pass.


MsTioga Datastorm Location Map

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