Saturday, August 25, 2007

8AM - Breakfast by Bob!
You may remember that yesterday, Bob & Donna made their Camp at Keeney Pass with MsTioga & The Team. This morning Bob walked over to chat, and made an invitation for a pancake breakfast! Bob is making the pancakes! Wow! Bob's pancakes are soooooo light and fluffy!

After breakfast we said our goodbyes and MsTioga headed north.
Donna & Bob at the Keeney Pass overlook.

10AM - Looking for water in Ontario, Oregon.
We on The Team usually find water very easily. This morning we went to the RV Dump Station in the City of Ontario, Oregon, and there was no fresh water there. We looked for fresh water for over 1/2 hour, and found none! Finally we received permission from a Rodeway Inn to use their hose bibb.
Filling MsTioga's fresh water tanks.

1PM - Resting in the afternoon.
George needed a nap. So, we pulled off Interstate #84 to a place that Little Mavicito calls, "Bare Hills Camp." We will stay here an hour or so.
George & MsTioga at Bare Hills Camp.

4PM - Burnt River Canyon.
We came to the Weatherby Rest Stop along Interstate #84. There we found a wonderful Oregon Trail Kiosk, with historic pics and diary stories. MsTioga and The Team did not know that ahead of us was a very long grade that went from perhaps 400 feet in elevation to 3,998 feet at the summit.

The pics below tell some of the agony that our pioneers endured going up this grade in Burnt River Canyon.


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