Saturday, August 18, 2007

8AM - Following the trail to our Nite Camp.
After Little Mavicito shot our video of the C.J. Strike ruts on the Oregon Trail yesterday afternoon, we backtracked along the Oregon Trail. The pioneers had come up from the Snake River. We followed the Oregon Trail markers on a dirt road that led to the Bruneau Arm of the C.J. Strike Reservoir. And that is where we made our Nite Camp.

From the direction of the Oregon Trail, we figured that the pioneers must have traveled straight thru where MsTioga is camped in the pic below. However, the impoundment of the Snake River by this reservoir has likely covered signs of the old trail below the waters.
Our Nite Camp.

5PM - Our story about Alfalfa.
MsTioga and The Team journeyed a whole 25 miles today. And, we took all day to do it! What we saw today, was alfalfa. Fields and fields of alfalfa. Do you think that you would like to read our story about alfalfa? Hmmmmm? You would! Great! OK, here it is!

We wondered if alfalfa is easy to grow? The Team is made up of city boys and girls. We were born in Los Angeles, and don't know too much about farming things. However, from what we have seen, this is what you need to grow alfalfa.
Land, lots of land.

Water, lots of water.

Bees. Lots of the farms have bees.

We asked a couple of farmers about growing alfalfa. Apparently this is a good time to be an alfalfa grower, the price is way up! A farmer may expect about four crops of alfalfa each year. Around here, alfalfa was last mowed around the first of July, and then again this week. So, about one mowing every six weeks is about right.

After the alfalfa is mowed, the farmer waters his land and the alfalfa grows again. That seems pretty neat! Lots of machinery is required. We don't know about all of it, but you need a mower, something to gather the mowed alfalfa into rows. A baler, which around here compresses the mowed alfalfa into 1,000 pound bales.

Buyers come around calling on the farmers. When a deal is made, the bales of alfalfa are loaded on a truck, taken to a certified scale and then payment is made. Sounds pretty easy. What do you think?

This afternoon, we stopped and looked at a bale of alfalfa. George picked a leaf of alfalfa to see how it tasted. Not too bad!

6PM - Camped after a wonderful day.
Yes! This is a wonderful day. MsTioga rolled along much of the day at only 35 miles per hour. MsTioga likes this speed. She sets her speed controller, and gets into the rhythm that she loves. There is hardly any traffic here in Idaho, and what little there is passes us by easily.

We stopped a lot along the way. We talked to farmers. People in tiny stores. A man at a museum. Everybody is so friendly. They speak slowly too, and have lots of time for conversation.

We have made our Nite Camp in a field where all around is desert. It is a gorgeous place, and very quiet. It will be a good place to sleep. A good place to think about our wonderful day with the alfalfa. And we also think about the Oregon Trail and the Snake River, just a bit to the north of us.
Our Nite Camp in Idaho.


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