Thursday, August 23, 2007

8AM - Historical signs at Keeney Pass.
The signs here at the Keeney Pass Historic Oregon Trail site, tell the story of the pioneers. Little Mavicito has taken pics of all these signs, and he tried hard to publish them so that you may read them. There are places in these signs that are weathered and may be difficult to read, and we have published the entire sign anyway.

These historic signs appear to be prepared by the Oregon Historical Society and the Bureau of Land Management.

12 Noon - Hike up to Keeney Pass Overlook.
The info paper in the box at the trail head, promised and excellent panorama of the one day journey for the Oregon Trail emigrants. That journey was from the Snake River to the Malheur River [15-18 miles]. And that promise was fulfilled!

Below are pics from the historic plaque at the trails' end.

The three pics below are closeups of the pioneer diary quotes that are hard to read in the pic above.

Little Mavicito Video Productions
Presents a silent movie
Keeney Pass Overlook Panorama
Are able to spot the ruts of the Oregon Trail?

8:30PM - MsTioga vs the GMC Pad.
Everybody knows that MsTioga is the most wonderful RV in the history of the World. However the General Motors Corporation is so bold to try to design a better RV than even MsTioga.

Would you like to take a peek at it? Hmmmmmm?


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