Tuesday, August 14, 2007

8AM - Looking at the shooting stars.
Last nite was to be one of the best times to look at the Perseids, a shower of meteors that comes at this time of the year. I set out my canvas reclinable chair, and looked out at the gorgeous nite sky.

It was soooooo clear! No Moon and my Camp is far away from city lights. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, was easy to see. I looked at what I thought was the center of the Milky Way, where the giant black hole is supposed to lurk. Wow!

I know some of the constellations. Ursa Major [the Big Dipper] is easy to find, and with that the North Star about which our sky rotates. I found Cassiopeia. Perseus, where the meteor shower was supposed to be, is below Cassiopeia in the nite sky.

I went out several times during the evening and early morning. If there was a meteor shower, I did not see it. One lone meteor crossed my sky, crossing from northwest to northeast. A brief instant of light. I guess that seeing one meteor is a pretty good thing!

6:30PM - Have you wondered where we've been all day?
Do you remember that a few days ago Ms. GQ and Little Mavicito were working on a surprise? Ms. GQ called it, "Wait and see pudding." All day today, Ms. GQ has been working with George on that surprise. It is hard work, making a surprise!

Anyway, the surprise is finally done. Do you want to know what the surprise is? Hmmmmm? Well, we cannot tell you, because it is "Wait and See pudding."

You will have to wait a couple of days to see the surprise!

7PM - Nite Camped three miles up canyon.
Our Nite Camp is three miles from last Nite's Camp. The Oregon Trail went right thru this Camp of ours. The pioneers likely made their camp here too, after pulling up the terribly steep grade shown in the pic below and described in the historic sign.

Today was very hot, about 103°F in the shade. But around here, there is no shade. It was the same heat for the pioneers, only much worse. MsTioga was not waiting at the top of the grade. There was no fridge with ice cold juice and water. Just the top of a hill, a level place to rest, with not one drop of water that they did not haul up here themselves.
The Oregon Trail below the historic sign.


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