Thursday, August 02, 2007

8AM - The Sinks of the Middle Popo Agie River.
A mile below our Nite Camp, is the Visitor's Center for the Sinks of the Middle Popo Agie River. We had never heard of a river sink before, and were curious about what it was.

We found a place where the river goes underground, into a cave. An information plaque told that the river takes two hours to emerge in a "rise", about 1/4 mile downstream.
The sink-cave where the river flows underground.

The Agie rises in a gorgeous pool.

A bunch of trout live in the pool.

11AM - MsTioga has a cracked windshield.
The other day when we were going up into Sinks Canyon, we heard a crack sound and didn't know what it was.

This morning, MsTioga reported that her windshield has cracks in the corner. We asked around the Town of Lander for a shop that could fix the cracks, and could not find any. This is not a good thing, because since we first looked at these cracks, one of them has grown about a 1/4". Wow!.
The cracks in MsTioga's windshield.

Note: After doing research on the web, we found that cracks such as MsTioga's cannot be repaired. It seems as though MsTioga will need a new windshield. Man-O-Man!

We plan to wait and see what these cracks are going to do, before deciding to replace MsTioga's windshield.

1PM - It's laundry time again!
Does it seem as though we do a whole lot of laundry? Hmmmm? It takes about 2-weeks to run out of underwear, and that means it's laundry time!

If we think real hard, I bet we can remember the first place that we did laundry. MsTioga thinks that it was someplace in Oregon. We love to do our laundry.
MsTioga & The Team at American Laundromat in Lander, Wyoming.

4PM - Nite Camped on Limestone Mountain.
We had traveled close to 40 miles today, and started looking for our Nite Camp. A brown forest service sign caught Little Mavicito's eye, and up we went on a dirt road.

We must have gone up maybe 1,000 feet [or so it seemed], and we came to a nice flat place. Very good for camping. We are able to see a zillion miles from here, and there are trails for hiking!
MsTioga Camped on Limestone Mountain.


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