Sunday, August 12, 2007

8AM - What is "Wait & see pudding?"
Ms. GQ & Little Mavicito have been doing secret things. And they will not tell anybody what they are doing! For the past few days, the two of them have been huddled together whispering, smiling and often Little Mavicito has been jumping for joy? What could be going on?

MsTioga, says that she suspects that it has to do with the two million visits that is coming up on our web counter. When we asked Ms. GQ if the two million visits had something to do with their secret things, she replied, "That's wait & see pudding! You will just have to wait and see!"

10AM - Living the wonderful life of a vagabond!
If you have read the "TiogaRV Mission" statement located at the bottom of every one of my blog posts, then you know what I am trying to get you to do. I'd like to share with you the background of how I came to be a vagabond, OK?

When I was recovering from cancer in 2002, I made a decision to change my life dramatically. If only I would be able to regain my health, I was not going to sit around anymore watching my life drift by. I'd been interested in RVs since the mid-1990s, and subscribed to Motorhome Magazine for years. But I never thought that I could afford to be an RVer. I'd made some terrible financial mistakes, and found myself in bad shape economically.

At this time I was living only on my Social Security. In order to make it on my income, a plan began to form in my mind. If I could live in an RV fulltime, and somehow not ever stay in RV Campgrounds avoiding paying rent, I might be able to make it financially.

I went out looking at RVs that were for sale. It became clear to me that I would have to buy a used RV. I had enough in savings to buy an older RV and equip it with what I considered essential. A Datastorm system. A solar electric system. A set of levelers.

By paying cash for everything, I would have no debt. However, I would have hardly any savings left too. You may know much of the rest of the beginning of my RV story. I found MsTioga at Manteca Trailer & RV in Manteca, California in February, 2003. On February 25th, 2003, my doctor told me that my cancer was in remission. On that very day, I drove to Manteca and bought MsTioga.

I did not know it at that time, but a wonderful thing happened to me because I did not have enough money to pay rent. I was forced to live a vagabonding life in order to make it financially. It turned out that being a vagabond was a blessing for me. It is a wonderful thing to be doing something new every single day.

Did you know that my blog started because Elizabeth, one of my cancer support group members, asked me to post on the web what I was doing and where I was going? Because Elizabeth wanted to know what had become of me, I came to think about my website as a way of sharing my life with others. Wow! How that sharing has changed my life!

Because of that sharing idea, when I traveled along I thought of things that Elizabeth and those back at my cancer support group would be interested in seeing and reading about. I found that I saw things that I never would have noticed, if it were not for sharing. Man-O-Man!

Would you like to become a vagabond?
If you have been thinking that perhaps you would like to travel as I do, being a vagabond and living fulltime in your own RV, I have a suggestion. Have your own blog! Share with others the wonders of things that you see along your journey. It is a wonderful thing to share this fantastic life. OK?
Tioga and George, Vagabonders Supreme!

1PM - Oregon Trail stories.
Yesterday, Little Mavicito squirreled away some pics of stories about the Oregon pioneers. Would you like to take a peek at these stories? Hmmmmmm?

Little Mavicito apologizes because the sunlight on one of these pic-stories ruined part of the image, OK?

3PM - The Mighty Snake River.
The Mighty Snake River was a tremendous challenge for our pioneers. That is why much of the Old Oregon Trail runs along the south side of the Snake River, not crossing until later on when ferries across the river were built.

MsTioga spotted a sign directing travelers toward Shoshone Falls. Everybody on The Team was sooooo excited to see Shoshone Falls. According to the brochure that we received at the falls park entrance; "Attracted by the roar, mid-19th century pioneers on the Oregon Trail would sometimes hike several miles out of their way to see the falls, which were named after Indians who lived in the region."
Shoshone Falls.

5PM - MsTioga made her Camp with the U-Hauls.
MsTioga says that she is completely camouflaged, because she made her Camp with a bunch of U-Haul trucks & trailers. What do you think?
Are you able to see MsTioga, or is she completely camouflaged?


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