Thursday, August 09, 2007

9:30AM - Lava Springs, Idaho.
We have made our Breakfast Camp in the Town of Lava Springs. There are several places in Lava Springs where people may soak in hot pools. The sparkly Portneuf River flows nearby our Camp.

The word is that pancakes are on the breakfast menu this morning!
Yes! Pancake breakfast!

4:30PM - Caribou National Forest Camp.
We looked for our Nite Camp in the Town of Inkom. Then to the east of the City of Pocatello. MsTioga wanted something different. Something more out in the wilds of the forest. Mr. DeLorme suggested going into the Mink Creek area, so we did!

MsTioga climbed and climbed up a dirt road along tiny Mink Creek. When the mountain somewhat leveled off, we came to a lovely place with pine trees. Underneath the trees grass is growing like a lawn!
MsTioga & George in the Caribou National Forest.

8PM - Our Camp at sundown.
Little Mavicito was looking out from MsTioga's window as the Sun began to set. "Wow! Our Camp looks soooooo beautiful", said Little Mavicito. And with that, he ran outside to take the pic below to share with you.

What do you think? Isn't our Camp gorgeous at sundown?
Shadows of sundown at our Camp.


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