Monday, August 06, 2007

9AM - Fort Bridger visit.
The TiogaRV Team is now inside the Fort Bridger State Historic Site! We are surprised to find that when Jim Bridger established his trading post, that the place looked a great deal different than now.
Fort Bridger in the 1840s.

Fort Bridger today.

The photo below of Jim Bridger is from the Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka, Kansas.
Jim Bridger photo.

3PM - Nite Camped near Fossil Butte National Monument.
There is a railroad track quite near our Camp, as you may see when looking at our location map. So far, the trains have been pretty quiet when going by.

Also, there is a trail on the hill to the west of our Camp going up to a fossil site. Little Mavicito wants to go for a hike on that trail! Maybe late this afternoon, when the Sun is low in the sky and it is cooler would be a good time for that hike.

6 to 8:30PM - Hike to the Fossil Quarry.
There is no way to tell the story of our hike to the quarry without showing a bunch of pics. So, here goes!

Just down the road from our Camp, is a sign about the quarry.

The trail goes up very steeply toward a bluff, and then runs along the bottom of the bluff. There are splendid signs along the trail that tell a wonderful story.

The story that we liked the best, was the story of David Haddenham, a man who worked the quarry to make his living for 50 years! David Haddenham lived in a wood tent shaped shelter.

Just as we thought that the trail was turning down, we found a sign which told of the quarry, way up high and just below the top of the bluff.

As we climbed higher and higher, we saw the place where the fossil quarry was located.

The pic below tells the story of how the fossils came to be.

Are you able to see MsTioga way down there in the valley? Little Mavicito took this pic from the top, close to the quarry. From up here near the quarry, MsTioga is just a mere white speck!
MsTioga waiting for us to return.


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