Tuesday, August 07, 2007

9AM - Fossil Butte Visitor's Center.
After breakfast, we drove up to see the Fossil Butte Visitor's Center. The first thing that we saw was soooooo interesting. A lady was preparing a fossil sample!

It is fantastic to think that 50 million years ago, right where we are standing, was a lake filled with fish! These fish died, sank to the bottom and were turned into a fossil. And now we are seeing them today.

1PM - Following the Oregon Trail.
Our plan is to follow roads as close to the Old Oregon Trail as possible. That will take us into the State of Idaho.
We're in Idaho again!

Little Mavicito and George are fascinated by the historic stories that we find along our journey.

2:30PM - Day Camped in Montpelier, Idaho.
MsTioga has traveled 68 miles today, and she was thinking about staying the nite in the Town of Montpelier. We have made a Day Camp next to a city park.

9PM - Camped with U-Haul trucks.
Nite Camped in Montpelier, Idaho. MsTioga has blended in with a bunch of U-Haul trucks! It seems that MsTioga fits right in with trucks like these, and she appears to belong there. It was very quiet and peaceful all nite long!

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