Sunday, September 30, 2007

7AM - Camping in Concord.
MsTioga, The Team and their guest, son Joseph spent a nice quiet time Nite Camped in an industrial neighborhood in the City of Concord.

When the Sun came up, Little Mavicito went outside and captured a pic of the completed Honda generator box for you to see. The box is now protected with rubberized undercoating!
Honda generator box.

2PM - Pussel E. Cat.
For about 17 years, David's friend Pussel E. Cat has been a member of our family. Pussel is a wonderful guy. Very loving.
Pussel and Dave.

3PM - MsTioga goes to the ice cream store.
Everybody wanted to go to the ice cream store. Especially son David, who had been dreaming about a banana split all day long.

It was decided for everybody to pile in to MsTioga. A whole gang of the neighborhood kids loved the trip in the most famous RV in the history of the World!
MsTioga takes the gang of kids to get ice cream!

5PM - Feedback on the Honda generator box.
Some good feedback was received about the padlocks securing our new Honda generator box. Readers felt that the padlocks might attract the attention of thieves.

So, we decided to remove the padlocks and hasps.

Honda generator box - new look!


Saturday, September 29, 2007

7:40AM - Painting and rubberized undercoating.
Our Reader Friend Florida Mike posted in the ShoutBox that primer paint does not provide protection. We on The Team did not know this and had only primer painted Mr. Sunny's solar panel rails. So, this morning we are here at the Orchard Supply Hardware to buy spray paint to finish coat those solar panel rails. Thank you Florida Mike!

Yesterday afternoon, padlock hasps were added to our Honda generator box. This morning the outside of the box will be primer painted in preparation for the rubberized undercoating that was recommended by several readers.

Do you remember that our newly installed grey water dump valve was leaking yesterday? Well, the valve was disassembled and some dirt was found in the mating surfaces. Those surfaces were cleaned and the valve was reassembled. This morning when we checked the valve, it was dry! No leak!

10:30AM - Painting solar panel rails.
MsTioga is Camped in son David's neighborhood. Little Mavicito went up on MsTioga's roof to capture George painting the solar panel rails.

Man-O-Man! That George is really close to the edge!
Spraying the rails.

5PM - Borges Ranch with son Joseph!
Son Joseph drove north from his home in Santa Cruz to live inside MsTioga for the weekend! Joseph used to hike the hills of Mount Diablo when he was a young guy. So, we drove up to make Supper Camp in Borges Ranch, at the foot of Mount Diablo.
Joseph and George about to hike on Mount Diablo!

We went for a hike, and very soon came to the farm animals where people are allowed to say, "Hi!" to the sheep and goats!
George says, "Hi!" to Goats!


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Friday, September 28, 2007

6AM - Today's Projects.
Several readers recommended protecting our Honda generator box with rubberized undercoating. After researching in Google, we decided that this was a great idea. So, we are Camped at the Auto Zone store in the City of Concord to buy some of this stuff.

MsTioga's dump valves need replacement. The black water valve only opens half way and is very hard to open or close. Also, the entire valve mechanism is sort of wiggly. It doesn't leak, but it doesn't look good. So, we are going to replace it today. There is a dump station in Martinez, and we will first go there in order to completely clean out the yuk before the valve replacement.

10AM - The valve job.
In the pic below, the old dump valve is removed and the new valve is about to be installed. The valve job went pretty well. However, after the new dump valve was installed, there was a tiny leak from the grey water side!
Replacing MsTioga's dumping valves.

1PM - The visit to the tax guy.
The appointment with the tax guy was at 11AM. After going over everything, and preparing an amended return, it appears as though I will have a federal tax of about $260.

This is a LOT better than the almost $1,900 tax liability that I had before.


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Thursday, September 27, 2007

6AM - Renewing driver license.
I have an appointment this morning with the Department of Motor Vehicles [DMV] to renew my driver's license. So, MsTioga and The Team left their Nite Camp early and are now Camped in the DMV parking lot. Time to study the "California Driver Handbook!"

11AM - Working on our projects.
After passing the driver's license test, we drove back to son David's home to continue our projects. We will be installing the new bathroom ceiling panel. Also, Mr. Sunny's solar panel rails need repainting. The initial paint was applied incorrectly to the rails, and needs to be redone. There is a bunch of other stuff to be done too!

3:30PM - Working hard!
Yes! We have been working really hard! David's mailbox received its final coat of Varathane Spar Finish. The anchor blocks are glued into the bathroom ceiling opening, and the panel cover is ready to be installed.

The rails from the solar panels were removed and the old paint scraped and sanded off. The rails were then repainted with Rust-Oleum primer paint and re-installed on MsTioga's roof.


Painting Mr. Sunny's solar panel rails.


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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

7AM - Honda generator box.
Many emails came in suggesting changes to the Honda generator box. So, we had to rethink that box!

A back panel has been added, and the front now extends to the top of the box. The front panel will be secured with padlocks which are being purchased this morning.
Revised Honda generator box.

11AM - The projects continue!
Yesterday afternoon a ceiling panel for the bathroom was glued up. Did we ever tell you that MsTioga's bathroom vent was lost near Jose the fiberglass guy's shop? So, we fiberglassed over that hole in the roof. Now we are fabricating up a panel to cover that hole.
Panel to cover bathroom ceiling hole.

In the pic below, George is painting son David's mailbox with Varathane spar finish. This has been an annual thing ever since we began RVing. It's a present for David's birthday [we also paint the neighbor's mailbox].
Painting Varathane on David's mailbox.


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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

7:30 AM - Shopping for more project stuff.
MsTioga moved from her Nite Camp in an industrial area in the City of Concord and is now Shopping Camped at the Orchard Supply Hardware. More things are needed for our projects.

This morning we will put hinges and a hasp on the new Honda generator compartment. Also, this compartment needs protective paint.

New bed cover and window headers!
We will also be going to Lily's Zarpana Design. Lily operates a sewed goods manufacturing company and does sewing jobs too. MsTioga wants a new bed cover. When Fleetwood designed MsTioga, a special bed size was in that design. So, bedding cannot be bought at a store from off-the-shelf items.

We bought a large quilted and fitted bed cover. Lily will take that large bed cover, cut it down and sew it into a bed cover that fits MsTioga's bed perfectly. We also have some window headers that need replacing. We have material for these window headers and Lily will sew those up also.

10:30AM - Lily's sewing place.
After buying stuff at Orchard Supply Hardware, MsTioga was washed in the hardware store parking lot. Then we drove to Lily's sewing place.

We gave Lily the material to sew up the bed cover and window header. Then we stayed in Lily's parking lot for our breakfast.
George at Lily's sewing place.

4PM - Counter molding installed.
We completed several jobs today. However, MsTioga is most pleased with the molding installed on the counter next to her range top!


4:30PM - Appointment with the tax guy.
We have an appointment with the tax guy to amend our tax return which is set for this Friday morning. As you may imagine, we are very excited to find out what will happen at this appointment!


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Monday, September 24, 2007

7AM - Going to a tax professional.
Several readers emailed advising that I go to a tax professional to amend my tax return [see prior posts] instead of doing the amending myself. I've decided to take that advice.

9AM - Newhall Park.
We are Breakfast Camped at the City of Concord's Newhall Park. On the way here, we stopped off to buy hardware for MsTioga's generator compartment cabinet coversion.

10:30AM - Doing our projects.
We are working on three projects today.

#1 is completing the computer workstation top. The edging that was finished yesterday with clear Varathane will be installed.

#2 is installing molding for the kitchen counter. We painted that molding yesterday.

#3 is working on converting the generator compartment to hold our 1KW Honda portable generator. You may remember that our Onan generator which lived in this compartment was sold while we were in Mexico last winter.

4PM - Finished two projects.
The Honda generator compartment and computer desk top are finished. The pic of the generator compartment [below] has the door front door panel removed.
Honda in its new home.

New desk top with front molding installed.


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Sunday, September 23, 2007

8:30AM - Thank you for all of your income tax help!
After I posted about my income tax problems, a ton of email came in mostly advising me to use Schedule C of the tax form to itemize my expenses in order to reduce my Self Employment Tax.

I want to thank all of you who wrote to me with this advice. As so many readers pointed out to me, I am writing about my life as an RVer, and that is how I earn advertising income. So, almost everything that I do that costs money, is a legitimate expense for me to claim on my Federal Income Tax Return.

I am going to file an amended tax return tomorrow morning.

2PM to 5PM - Installing MsTioga's projects.
This afternoon two projects were completed. One project was the installation of a ceiling panel which covers MsTioga's air conditioner opening [MsTioga no longer has an air conditioner].

The 2nd project is a hanging suspension file which is housed in an opening underneath the bench seat. The hanging file is conveniently mounted on full extension slides for easy access. Before, the hanging file was stored in a big plastic tub kept in the cabover cabinet and was heavy to take down from that cabinet.

Air conditioner opening covered with a new panel.

Hanging file on full extension slides.


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